About us

A new player in the mobility landscape, Special ONE’s aim is
to manufacture and distribute exclusive, high- performance, premium, eco-friendly vehicles.

In the 2000s, Guerlain Chicherit dominated the freeride ski world, opening new lines in an ever fluid, almost artistic style. Later on, it was with the same taste for never-before-seen artistry that he set out to break individual records on four wheels, such as performing the first back flip in a car. On snow or land, this decidedly outlandish approach has never prevented him from sheer performance, as evidenced by his four world ski titles and Rally Raid World Cup win.

With Special ONE, Guerlain Chicherit layers his taste for the unique and the aesthetic with an ecologically-orientated ethos. Whether they operate electrically, on hydrogen or bio-fuels, each of the brand’s creations offer exceptional performance with a limited carbon footprint. Designed and assembled in France, the Delta EVO.e is manufactured favouring the circular economy.

In a nutshell, Special ONE vehicles are built for the free-spirited, those adept at drifting and tackling open spaces, looking for an escape behind the wheel of different machines, that are both elegant and environmentally-respectful.