Delta EVO.e

/// Limited edition:36units

Our fully restored classic car

The Lancia Delta EVO.e integrates 263 new features making it an exceptional car which combines the charm of the past with the technology of the future.

  • Complete restoration including the stripping of the body by hydrostripping, theaddition of reinforcement parts and the protection by polyzinc rustproofing. Refurbishment of all parts and mechanical elements.
  • Electrification of the vehicle while keeping the original transmission.
  • Creation of a specific interior with the addition of a new multimedia system.
Nominal/max power

90/147 kW

Nominal/max torque

200/350 N.m

Nominal/max voltage

400/470 V

Rotational speed

0-8000 RPM


7,2 kg/hp

0 to 100 KM/H

6,6 sec



Front brakes

Grooved and ventilated discs 287 mm
Single piston caliper option: 306mm
Grooved and ventilated
6-piston calipers

Rear brakes

Grooved discs 227 mm

High performance Lithium-ion cells


Built-in BMS high power PDU



5 gears


Integrated, permanent

3 Differentials

Free front central

Épicycloïdal torque divider (47/53) and viscos coupling

Rear Torsen

New design

  • New bonnet & air intakes, arches and rocker panel design to accentuate its racing design elements.
  • New bumpers, carbon front splitter, rear air extractor and roof spoiler.
  • Full color matte grey-anthracite paint with gloss carbon parts.

Mechanic restomod

  • Refurbishing of brakes, shock absorbers, optics, wiring harness and subframes.
  • Refurbishing of the transmission with the addition of a reinforced central differential adapted to suit the car's new performance.
  • Bodyshell fully dismantled and reinforced using special parts with all chassis welds restored.

Handcrafted upholstery

  • Custom rear seats.
  • A mix of solid and micro-perforated fully black Alcantara interior.
  • Orange topstitching to highlight the upholstery work.
  • Momo Racing steering Wheel.
  • Customized Recaro Sportser CS front seats for optimum comfort and fit.

Cutting edge technology

  • Alpine multimedia GPS touchscreen, fully compatible with IOS and Android.
  • Rear view camera.
  • Powerful audio system for optimal sound.
  • Defrosting front windshield for greater comfort.

Electric drive system

147 kW, the equivalent of200 horsepower

350 N.m of maximum torque available from the lowest engine speed

0 to 8000 RPM

30 kWh  of energy for200km of pure pleasure

PowerfulLithium ion batteries

Charging and Combo CCS socketcompatible with the latest chargers

Reinforced OE transmissionand gearbox with intelligent engine management during gear changes

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